Fighting cancer together

One out of three people will contract cancer over the course of their lives. The foundation “Fight cancer” strives at realizing a situation in which cancer will no longer be fatal, by raising funds to enable more cancer research.

One of the initiatives to raise funds, is the so called “Walk to Fight Cancer” event. This year, this event will take place in 's-Hertogenbosch between September 26th - 29th. 

Some 40 hikers will be walking a distance of 40 kilometers for 4 days. All participants will hopefully collect as much money as possible for the battle against cancer. 

Why do we do it?

Fight cancer is a foundation that campaigns for funds for cancer research and prevention through KWF Kankerbestrijding (Dutch Cancer Society). The aim of the Walk to Fight Cancer event is to collect as much money as possible for fellowships. A fellowship is a personal bursary for talented young doctors and researchers whom are expected to play an important role in cancer research in the Netherlands in the upcoming years. By means of a fellowship (a subsidy) they are able to acquire knowledge and skills in oncology at the highest level. In this way, they can not only enhance their own knowledge and skills, but also those of their fellow doctors and researchers in the Netherlands. Using the money that Fight cancer collects, the fellowship holders are able to collect and disseminate greater knowledge of cancer and apply it in practice.

Together we can take on cancer.

Love life. Fight cancer. 

   Fight on!

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